Bob Moretti: The Focuses of Hockey Practice

Bob Moretti is the President of Next Goal Wins, a hockey coaching organization that has helped fuel the success of hockey teams in Northern Illinois. Ice hockey is a tough sport that requires the players be fast and agile skaters. They must also be accurate with their sticks and strong enough to hold their ground against a charging opponent. In order to run a successful hockey program, there must be training exercises implemented at practice that revolve around building these three essential skills. Below are some tips as to how you can create effective drills in these areas.

Skating Ability

With the ice under you at all times in the hockey rink, you must be not only as good on skates as you would be on feet, but better. Speed, agility and endurance are most essential here, and you should have drills that focus on those areas. Setting up cone drills and working to improve lap times are two efficient ways of building the first two aforementioned abilities, while repetition will help fulfill the endurance goal.

Stick Accuracy

In order to move the puck down the ice and into the back of the opponent’s goal, players must be skilled passers and shooters. By forming drills that force your players to test and build their accuracy, in both still and moving fashions, you make them versatile shooters and passers that can make quick and accurate stick motions to get the puck traveling in the right direction.

Strength Training

In a full-contact sport like hockey, strength and weight training is crucial because muscles and strength are what will protect your players when they need it most. In order to block checks and stay on your feet, you must have the necessary strength to ward off your opponents.

Bob Moretti knows how to lead hockey players to success.AA


About Bob Moretti

Bob Moretti is an Architectural Specialist who has obtained a number of credentials throughout his professional career. Bob Moretti is Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Construction Document Technologist (CDT) and Occupational Health and Safety Administration certified. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2005 with a BS in Business Management, Summa Cum Laude. He also attends the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in pursuit of an MBA.
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