Bob Moretti: Advising Architects

Bob Moretti is an Architectural Specialist who works for Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance. This is a long-standing company that dates to 1928, and they have been involved in roofing projects that span over one billion square feet if you combine them all together. As an Architectural Specialist, this high energy professional gives advice to architects who are trying to address complicated roofing details. He has been with Tremco since 2011, so he has accumulated a great deal of valuable experience that he brings to the table every time he tackles a project.

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Bob Moretti – Lessons Learned Through Sports

Bob Moretti is an energetic professional who lives in Elgin, Illinois. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and he has been employed by Tremco Roofing and Building and Maintenance since 2011. He is an Architectural Specialist, and he has developed a great deal of advanced knowledge over the years. This is an individual who advises clients who are working on commercial construction and restoration projects that involve roofing systems. There are many different options out there, and each project is unique from every other. It takes a special brand of expertise to provide the appropriate guidance, so his contributions are invaluable.

When he was younger, Bob Moretti was very passionate about the sport of hockey. Many youth players dream about playing in college, but it is difficult to rise to this advanced level. You must have a certain amount of talent, you have to work hard, and you have to be able to accept coaching. Through his efforts, this driven young man was able to play hockey at the college level before he decided to put his studies first.

You can learn many valuable lessons that you can apply to other parts of your life if you play sports when you are a young person. One of them is the value of teamwork and commitment to an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts. When you go to hockey practice every day after school, and you play with the same teammates, you develop bonds that are not easily broken. Personal motivation may be present, but you are not go to get much accomplished if you don’t have the cooperation of your teammates. You recognize the fact that your success is linked with the success of others, and this is something that you can bring with you when you enter the work world.

Physical fitness is another benefit that can stay with you for the rest of your life if you are serious about athletics at some point in time. When you are an athlete, exercise is a huge part of your life, and nutrition can also be a priority for you. After your playing days are behind you, it is likely that you will still have the desire to work out to keep yourself fit.

As we touched upon previously, you have to be willing to listen to instructions that are given to you by coaches when you are a serious athlete. This is another lesson that you learn when you play sports that can be very valuable when you embark on your career path within a structured organization. Bob Moretti was fortunate enough to learn all of these lessons early on, and he can draw from these experiences and apply them to his life as a professional.

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Bob Moretti – Training Tips For Your First Half-Marathon

Bob Moretti is a talented long-distance runner who has completed a half-marathon in less than two hours. Such races present a variety of challenges that you may not have encountered in your previous running efforts, so it is important that you train correctly to ensure you can handle the distance. The following are all useful training tips that you should try to keep in mind.

Build A Strong Base

It is very difficult to go from no regular training to being ready for a half-marathon in a couple of months. This means that you need to build a base of physical fitness on which you can build. Try to get yourself up to a point where you are capable of running between fifteen and twenty miles every week and you can then start to train in earnest.

Make A Plan

Once you feel your fitness levels are up to par, you need to plan effectively to make the most out of your training sessions. Create milestones that you aim to reach in the buildup to the half-marathon and make sure that you build some recovery time into your schedule. Proper time management is essential and you need to keep your motivation levels high to ensure you don’t end up trying to skip training sessions.

Research The Race

Once you have selected a half-marathon to participate in, spend a little bit of time researching the race itself. You should build a solid understanding of the route, plus it is always good to know what, if any, refreshments and drinks will be provided during the race.

Bob Moretti is an experienced long-distance runner.

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Bob Moretti – Pointers For Better Hockey Passing

As the President of Next Goal Wins, Bob Moretti provides a comprehensive hockey coaching service. Passing is one of the fundamentals of the game and no team is going to experience sustained success if the players in it or not able to pass accurately and consistently. As a player, you will need to work diligently to get your passing game up to par, so consider the tips below to make improvements.

Always Follow Through

Accuracy is more important than speed when it comes to your passing, especially if you are new to the game and still developing your skills. Following through on the pass so that your stick ends up in the air and pointing towards the intended recipient will play a large role in ensuring the puck goes where you want it to. Work on this aspect of passing until it becomes second nature to you.

No Slapping

You should never feel the puck slap off your stick when making a pass, as this means that you have put too much power into the attempt, often sacrificing accuracy in the process. The puck should almost roll off the blade from the heel towards the toe. Practice executing this sweeping motion, making sure to transfer your weight from your back to your front foot as you do.


Hockey coaches, like Bob Moretti, will work drills with their teams. Even the most basic of passing drills will help you to improve your skills, so make sure that you focus at all times and listen carefully if your coach points out any issues.

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Bob Moretti – Communication Tips For Effective Coaches

Bob Moretti is a Level-4 Certified high school hockey coach. A key aspect of coaching any sports team, particularly those involving youth players, is proper communication. Unfortunately, this is an area where many people find that that they struggle, especially if they are new to the role. The following communication tips should prove useful to anybody who is looking to become a better coach.

Speak To Players Individually

You need to get to know a little bit about the players in your team before you can start providing them with effective coaching, so make sure you introduce yourself to new players and have them tell you a little bit about themselves. Establish personal bonds that will allow for trust to develop in your individual relationships, as this will prove useful when you start coaching.

Be Confident

Players will look to their coaches to provide them with advice and guidance on what they need to do, so it is important that you deliver your messages with confidence and authority. If you look a little shaky in what you are saying, you may find that your team starts to lose faith in you. This often means that they will be less motivated when they are training, which stunts the growth of the team.

Deal With Conflict

Conflict is going to occur in competitive sports, so it is important to understand how to diffuse tense situations through communication. Channel that aggression into training and you will see marked improvements from your players.

As the President of Next Goal Wins, Bob Moretti provides hockey coaching services.

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Bob Moretti – Tips For Creating A Business Plan

Bob Moretti is a successful small business owner, having founded Next Goal Wins with the aim of using his years of experience as a high school hockey coach to help young players with their development. At the core of any successful small business is an exceptional plan, so make sure to keep all of the below in mind if you are looking to start your own venture.

Know Your Enemy

While enemy may be too strong a term to use, it is important that you understand the level of competition that you are going to face should you start a business. Research the companies that offer a similar product or service in your local area and consider what you can offer that is unique. For example, small businesses may focus on offering a more personal service than larger companies.

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Get the Financials Right

If your numbers aren’t right, it is going to be much harder to operate a successful business. Make sure that every figure that you provide in terms of projected expenses and revenue streams has been checked and checked again. Back up any statements that you make with good research if you are looking to use these figures to attract investment.

Be Concise

Bob Moretti formed Next Goal Wins with a clear vision in mind for the future of the company. Allowing your plan to get bogged down in small and unnecessary details can obscure your overall vision, so keep things concise and only include detail if it is necessary.

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Bob Moretti – Skating Tips For Beginners

Bob Moretti has been working as an ice hockey coach for more than ten years and is the President of Next Goal Wins, which aims to provide quality coaching services to youngsters and high school students. Of course, before people can start playing hockey, they need to learn how to skate properly. The following tips will help if you have never been on the ice before.

Balance Beforehand

Your first time wearing a pair of skates is going to be awkward long before you make it onto the ice. Spend a little time getting used to them by walking around outside the rink. In particular, you need to adjust your balance to account for the extra height you have and the smaller surface area at your base. Once you can stand comfortably, get on the ice and do the same there.

Look Up

You’re going to experience a few slips and spills while learning how to skate, which can make it tempting to look at your feet to try to keep your balance. This serves to disorient you and make it more likely that you will fall over, plus you may end up colliding with other skaters because you aren’t looking where you’re going.

Start Slow

Bob Moretti teaches players everything he can about effective skating as a hockey coach. When you first get on the ice and start skating it can be tempting to pick up speed as you become more comfortable. This is great, but make sure you have learned the fundamentals or turning and stopping before you do, else you may cause damage or injury.


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