Bob Moretti – Communication Tips For Effective Coaches

Bob Moretti is a Level-4 Certified high school hockey coach. A key aspect of coaching any sports team, particularly those involving youth players, is proper communication. Unfortunately, this is an area where many people find that that they struggle, especially if they are new to the role. The following communication tips should prove useful to anybody who is looking to become a better coach.

Speak To Players Individually

You need to get to know a little bit about the players in your team before you can start providing them with effective coaching, so make sure you introduce yourself to new players and have them tell you a little bit about themselves. Establish personal bonds that will allow for trust to develop in your individual relationships, as this will prove useful when you start coaching.

Be Confident

Players will look to their coaches to provide them with advice and guidance on what they need to do, so it is important that you deliver your messages with confidence and authority. If you look a little shaky in what you are saying, you may find that your team starts to lose faith in you. This often means that they will be less motivated when they are training, which stunts the growth of the team.

Deal With Conflict

Conflict is going to occur in competitive sports, so it is important to understand how to diffuse tense situations through communication. Channel that aggression into training and you will see marked improvements from your players.

As the President of Next Goal Wins, Bob Moretti provides hockey coaching services.

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Bob Moretti – Tips For Creating A Business Plan

Bob Moretti is a successful small business owner, having founded Next Goal Wins with the aim of using his years of experience as a high school hockey coach to help young players with their development. At the core of any successful small business is an exceptional plan, so make sure to keep all of the below in mind if you are looking to start your own venture.

Know Your Enemy

While enemy may be too strong a term to use, it is important that you understand the level of competition that you are going to face should you start a business. Research the companies that offer a similar product or service in your local area and consider what you can offer that is unique. For example, small businesses may focus on offering a more personal service than larger companies.

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Get the Financials Right

If your numbers aren’t right, it is going to be much harder to operate a successful business. Make sure that every figure that you provide in terms of projected expenses and revenue streams has been checked and checked again. Back up any statements that you make with good research if you are looking to use these figures to attract investment.

Be Concise

Bob Moretti formed Next Goal Wins with a clear vision in mind for the future of the company. Allowing your plan to get bogged down in small and unnecessary details can obscure your overall vision, so keep things concise and only include detail if it is necessary.

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Bob Moretti – Skating Tips For Beginners

Bob Moretti has been working as an ice hockey coach for more than ten years and is the President of Next Goal Wins, which aims to provide quality coaching services to youngsters and high school students. Of course, before people can start playing hockey, they need to learn how to skate properly. The following tips will help if you have never been on the ice before.

Balance Beforehand

Your first time wearing a pair of skates is going to be awkward long before you make it onto the ice. Spend a little time getting used to them by walking around outside the rink. In particular, you need to adjust your balance to account for the extra height you have and the smaller surface area at your base. Once you can stand comfortably, get on the ice and do the same there.

Look Up

You’re going to experience a few slips and spills while learning how to skate, which can make it tempting to look at your feet to try to keep your balance. This serves to disorient you and make it more likely that you will fall over, plus you may end up colliding with other skaters because you aren’t looking where you’re going.

Start Slow

Bob Moretti teaches players everything he can about effective skating as a hockey coach. When you first get on the ice and start skating it can be tempting to pick up speed as you become more comfortable. This is great, but make sure you have learned the fundamentals or turning and stopping before you do, else you may cause damage or injury.


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Bob Moretti – The Qualities Of An Effective Coach

Bob Moretti is an experienced high school and youth hockey coach who founded Next Goal Wins with the intention of providing expert coaching to as many people as possible. Becoming a good coach is no easy task, regardless of the sport that you work in, and those who excel all have the following qualities that make them effective in the role.

Good Listener

While much of coaching is based around creating drills and giving the people you’re coaching good instructions, it is also important that you have the ability to listen to your players and understand how your techniques might be affecting their games. Focus on non-verbal cues as well as verbal ones to get a good idea of where a player’s mind might be.


Coaches who enjoy the most success tend to have a lot of experience, either as a player themselves or through having coached for a large period of time. While this doesn’t mean that new coaches should be excluded or looked down upon, having experience makes it easier to command the attention of your players and makes then more likely to follow instructions.


Bob Moretti  has worked with many young players during the course of his career and recognizes instantly when somebody has the dedication required to succeed. This is a quality that is as important in coaches as it is their players, as those who do not have dedication will not put the required time into building relationships with their players or developing the drills and practice sessions players need in order to improve.

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Bob Moretti – Go Blackhawks!

Bob Moretti is a lifelong fan of hockey and a resident of Northern Illinois who loves where he lives for many reasons, one of which including proximity to one of the best National Hockey League franchises, the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are holders of six Stanley Cup Trophies, three of which have been won in the past decade. They are also four-time conference champs and fifteen-time division champs, making them one of the NHL’s most successful teams.

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This year is no exception, as the Blackhawks continue to show strength and dominance throughout the league. Currently with a 32-13-4 record, they are leading both their division and conference. They are also on a twelve-game winning streak, which is a great thing to have with spring right around the corner. Soon enough it will be April, and the NHL Playoffs will most likely once again hosting the Blackhawks.

This year’s roster reflects the same force that has brought the team three Stanley Cup victories since 2010. Patrick Kane is the team’s highest scorer, with 30 goals and 41 assists; Artemi Panarin is second with 16 goals and 29 assists; and Jonathan Toews is third with 19 goals and 16 assists.

Bob Moretti is excited to see how things turn out in 2016 for the Blackhawks.

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Bob Moretti: The Focuses of Hockey Practice

Bob Moretti is the President of Next Goal Wins, a hockey coaching organization that has helped fuel the success of hockey teams in Northern Illinois. Ice hockey is a tough sport that requires the players be fast and agile skaters. They must also be accurate with their sticks and strong enough to hold their ground against a charging opponent. In order to run a successful hockey program, there must be training exercises implemented at practice that revolve around building these three essential skills. Below are some tips as to how you can create effective drills in these areas.

Skating Ability

With the ice under you at all times in the hockey rink, you must be not only as good on skates as you would be on feet, but better. Speed, agility and endurance are most essential here, and you should have drills that focus on those areas. Setting up cone drills and working to improve lap times are two efficient ways of building the first two aforementioned abilities, while repetition will help fulfill the endurance goal.

Stick Accuracy

In order to move the puck down the ice and into the back of the opponent’s goal, players must be skilled passers and shooters. By forming drills that force your players to test and build their accuracy, in both still and moving fashions, you make them versatile shooters and passers that can make quick and accurate stick motions to get the puck traveling in the right direction.

Strength Training

In a full-contact sport like hockey, strength and weight training is crucial because muscles and strength are what will protect your players when they need it most. In order to block checks and stay on your feet, you must have the necessary strength to ward off your opponents.

Bob Moretti knows how to lead hockey players to success.AA

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Long Distance Running

Running is one of the most popular sports there is. The great thing about running is that just about anyone can do it, and other than a good pair of running shoes, there is no special equipment needed. And even the fancy shoes can be cast aside if you decide to do some barefoot trail running.

Those who are just getting into the sport are advised keep some things in mind. It takes time to work up to distance running, and no one is going to be able to run a marathon without a lot of training in the months leading up to it. Running coaches say that new runners should think on a smaller scale, like running a 5K. Better yet, don’t think of running in terms of distance but in terms of time. Get out there and run for half an hour, and if you want to increase your distance, then shoot for longer periods of time, like working up to running for an hour or longer at a stretch.

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The body uses a lot of energy in running, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular; it’s a great way to shed a few pounds. But because you use a lot of energy in running you have to feed your body accordingly. Proper hydration is also extremely important. Drink plenty of water before, during and after a run. No matter how slow you go or how much water you consume, your body is going to be dehydrated after a long run. Runners have been known to gulp down as much as two quarters of fluids as soon as they finish a long run, and a little more within the next hour or so.

Architectural specialist Bob Moretti enjoys running. He has raced in several 5K and 8K races, and has completed a half marathon in less than two hours.

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